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What is the difference between a photo booth and a roving with instant prints

Jess Wilder

17 Mar 2023

To get a photo booth or to get a roving with instant prints for your wedding?

You are unsure if you should engage a phootbooth or a roving photography with instant prints for your wedding.

There's some difference between this two service but they do have 1 similarity, your guest will receive the prints from your wedding.

5 benefit of roving photogrpahy

1) The guest need not crowd around to get their photo taken, the best part of this is the photographer can follow the couple around the venue to take photos for the couple with their friends. Everyone in the picture will receive a prints. 2) The roving photographer will entertain the guest and mainly focus on taking group photos. Your wedding photography could focus more on candid and moment. 3) Sometime the roving photographer became your parent photographer, your parent may also get us to follow them to take picture of them with their friend or relative that is invited to the wedding. 4) After the cocktail session, everyone will be mainly spending more time inside the banquet ballroom, the benefit of roving photography is we can bring the service to them and get some photos taken like table picture of the table etc. Sometime we do have couple walking around to have interaction with their guest and at the same time they could take some picture with the guest and the guest will receive a print from the picture taken by the roving photographer.

5) We no need a big space at all, some venue maybe space constrain and is unable to have a photobooth but still want to give the guest the entertainment like getting some instant prints back home. We just need a 1meter table and 2 chairs, the service can start running and your dream of giving instant print to the guest at small venue is no longer a concern.

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