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Why Roving Photography for corporate?
What is Roving Photography?

Roving photography involves a photographer roaming the event capturing group shots as they happen. This style of photography provides a unique perspective that goes beyond the traditional, posed group shots and provides guests with a dynamic and visually engaging record of their experiences.

Guest will receive an Instant Prints!

Roving photographers equipped with instant print technology can move around the event, taking group photos of guests  as they happen. They can then immediately print the photos on the spot, allowing guests to take them home with them right away. This is a great way to create lasting memories and provide guests with a fun and unique memento of the event.

Here are just a few of the advantages that roving photography has over photobooths:

  1. Take Picture Anywhere:  Roving photographers can capture a wide range of picture anywhere Happening throughout the event,. Photobooths, on the other hand, are limited to an area of the event.

  2. More Personalized Experience: Roving photographers can interact with guests, capturing their natural reactions and emotions, providing a more personalized and intimate experience. Photobooths, on the other hand, offer a more impersonal and staged approach. Importantly, no need to que-up for roving photography. Can capture more short in a shorter time!

  3. Enhanced Atmosphere: Roving photographers can help create a more dynamic and engaging atmosphere at your event by capturing guests as they interact, dance, and enjoy themselves. Photobooths can provide some entertainment, but they do not offer the same level of interaction and engagement as roving photographers.

Past Client
All brand we work with since 2014

Since founded in 2014, Printiculous is privileged to have worked with major shopping malls in Singapore, and big brands ranging from media to beauty brands to banks to clubs to charity organisations etc. 


We cater Roving Photography / Photobooth for a range of events from small intimate blogger event, to company dinner and dance, to outdoor publicity event and so on. We have also done numerous wedding events and you can check out our reviews at the review section.

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