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  • How long have you been in business ?
    Since 2014. And still loving every bit of it!
  • What logistics do you need?
    Kindly arrange a table of about a metre long with two chairs, near power point, preferably with table cloth. The Internet access is great to have, but in the end that the venue has no WiFi, we will provide our own. That's it. We can work with very tiny spaces too. Just a space to print out pictures, and our staff can go around to distribute the prints.
  • Do you have a backdrop ?
    Our packages do not come with backdrop. We can recommend external vendors should you need backdrop services.
  • How does Instagram live feeds work?
    It works via an URL, so all you need is a laptop with the Internet and working browser like Chrome. You can use the same laptop as the one you will use for your childhood montage or video. We will set it up for you when we arrive and takes only a minute.
  • How long do you need to set up?
    Roughly 30 minutes
  • How does the booth look like?
    View pictures here.
  • How many staffs will be at my wedding ?
    Each event has 1 photographer and 3 staffs. One staff is stationed at the booth to process the prints, another helps to answer eqnuiry and distribute the prints, and one to assist the photographer. More than enough for 300 to 400 pax event! Service is everything to us because we want to make sure guests have a smooth and enjoyable experience with us.
  • What time will you arrive to set up?
    We will arrive 30min before to set up and start the service on time.
  • Does the package hours include set up time?
    Package hours exclude set up and tear down time because what you pay for is what you get! For example, if you purchase 3 hours package, and you want the service to be from 7pm to 10pm, we will arrive around 6.30pm to set up, and ends only at 10pm. We will only tear down after 10pm.
  • Do we need to provide meals for your team?
    Food is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  • How do I print pictures from my mobile device at the event?
    Take a picture, post on Instagram with the event's hashtag, and make sure your profile is a public account.
  • I do not have Instagram. How do I get my pictures printed?
    Approach our roving photographer. He or she will take photos for you and get the pictures printed. It's that simple!
  • Where can I view all the pictures from the event?
    Go to Instagram, and type the event's hashtag, and you can view the pictures taken by our photographer, and also the pictures and videos posted by the guests from the event.
  • Can I get the soft copies of my picture? - Guest
    We usually encourage guest to go onto Instagram to view their pictures. Alternatively, you can get the digital file from the couple after we have sent them.
  • Can you post the pictures on our Instagram account instead?
    Sure. Set it up for us and we're ready to go. Just make sure that your account is created at least 14 days before the event day.
  • How do my guests collect the prints?
    We place the prints on the shelf at our booth, so your guests can collect at their convenience. We also have a staff to distribute the prints.
  • How many prints will be printed per photograph taken?
    We print according to the number of pax in each photo. For example, a particular photo has 4 person in it, 4 pieces of prints will be printed.
  • Roughly how many prints will be printed in a 3 hrs event?
    For a 300 pax event, we print on average about 400 to 800 prints or more!
  • Are there any charges for the different print sizes ?
    No charges for the print sizes. For the premium size (large, double sided), additional printer is required.
  • How fast can you print ?
    Each printer can print 6 small prints per minute or 3 large prints per minute. Highly recommedn you to add a printer if you choose to take our premium print so that all guests can receive their prints more efficiently.
  • Do you have 4R Prints?
    We hope to provide pocket friendly prints that guests can bring home easily and still have them in perfect condition. Hence, as much as possible, we do not encourage 4R prints. We highly recommed you to go for our premium size instead - 3x4in double sided.
  • When do we start doing the design?
    Around 1 to 2 months before your wedding day. Once, we have received a job 5 days before their wedding day and it turned out great too. What needs to get done, will get done!
  • Can I design the print myself?
    Sure, why not? We have templates for you.
  • How many revisions do I get for my design?
    After you have sent us the prewedding photos or any other related design elements, our designer, Shin, will design 2 drafts for you to choose from. After which, you will have up to 3 revisions when you can change the font or color of the text etc.
  • Can I use my invitation card design for my instant print template?
    Of course! We love ideas and creative design input from clients. We have even received a request to place their grandma's painting of a flower into the print design!
  • What designs can I choose from for my instant prints template?
    We do not have templates. All our prints are fully customisable. Feel free to speak to us to discuss more! View our past works here.
  • I love both your design drafts. Can I have 2 designs for my prints?
    One design is included in the package. Dual designs is allowed only for small, double sided print and the big, single sided print only. Prints will be printed at random at the event.
  • Will I receive the high resolution pictures taken by the photographer ?
    Yes, all images will be edited and returned to you in high resolution via an online gallery.
  • I already have a main photographer for my wedding, will there be a conflict of interests with your roving photographer ?"
    Main photographer takes care of all the major programmes at your wedding, and usually focus more candid moments of your immediate families and the wedding couple. Roving photographer interacts with all your guests and get their pictures taken. Majority of the pictures taken by the roving photographer are group shots. You should be able to capture all aspects of your wedding when you have two photographers - lots of candids, and many group photos with your friends and families.
  • Who will be the roving photographer for my wedding?
    Our photographers are from KIMNSHIN photography, and it consists of Kim, Shin and Dennis. Your roving photographer will be either one of us. We never outsource our photographers because quality is everything to us.
  • What camera do you use to take picture at my wedding?
    We use professional Sony cameras, A9 and A7iii, and equipped with the Sony G-master and zeiss lens.
  • My venue is yellow and dark, will there be an issue?"
    Our photographers are trained to take pictures at most venues. We are equipped with flash and necessary lighting equipments for the venues with less favourable lighting conditions. Check out our portfolio to check out our works!
  • How long does it take for me to receive the edited pictures?
    We take about 4 to 12 weeks to edit and deliver the pictures. You will receive the pictures via an online gallery when they are ready.
  • What is the estimated number of edited pictures will I receive after the wedding?
    For a crowd of 200 to 300 pax, you will expect to receive 100 to 150 pictures in high resolution, including all the group shots and some candid moments from your wedding. The more events you have, the more enthusiastic your guests are, the more pictures you will receive.
  • What is roving photography?
    A roving photographer moves around the venue and engage with the guests to take group shots for them. Photos taken will then be printed out.
  • Do you provide actual day photography?
    Yes! View our portfolios at Kimnshin Photography.
  • How do I confirm the booking?
    50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the package details and the date. Another 50% can be made any days before the wedding day.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Cash (only less than 5 clients chose this), cheque, internet banking, paynow. We do not accept credit cards at the moment.
  • Any charges for public holidays?
    $200 for weddings that fall on public holidays.
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