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What is the difference between roving photography with instant prints and photobooth ?

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Roving Photography with instant prints

Photographer move around to take picture for the guest to get it printed out. Most of the time the couple would like the roving photographer to go around the venue so they can get a picture with their friends or relative. The guest will receive a prints and this is the benefit of having a roving photography with instant prints.

The Difference between roving photography and photobooth

A lot couple was wonder if they need a photo booth or roving photography? I do believe the idea of having such service is for the instant prints.

They want the guest to bring a prints home from their wedding.

If you are thinking a backdrop is a MUST HAVE, you could look at a photobooth. For photobooth some que-ing is needed and it's stationary. You may need to go to the booth get your photo taken to get a print out. Most of the time the couple are actually having interaction inside the ballroom, very rarely you will have time to visit the photo booth to get shots with your friend.

This is where roving photography shine if you are thinking a photographer to get some picture for you and your friends or relative anywhere at your wedding venue. There's no limitation compare to photobooth because we are not stationary to one area, we can be at anywhere at anytime. We got this question quite often. Question: We already got a photographer, i think we no need another 1 right? Answer: We take picture for you and your guest and get print out, they will receive a print at your wedding.

If you are looking to take lots of picture and want the photos to be printed out at your wedding for your guest to bring home. Roving photography will work better because there's a photographer follow you to take picture for you and your guest. Our staff will will also pass the print to the guest at their table.

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